BBC DG Tony Hall must be wishing he’d stayed put at the Royal Opera House.  Even out- of-control Valkyries would be preferable to the growing storm engulfing Broadcasting House. The BBC first revealed a major gender pay gap amongst their presenters last year when they published statistics as part of new government requirements.  It created […]

I’ve been waiting to post any comment in reaction to the Weinstein revelations.  Watching events unfold, I have been amazed.  It feels like a tipping point for women’s equality.   It’s happened very fast. In the first week of October every day brought fresh accusations of assault by Weinstein. On both sides of the Atlantic, […]

  Women feel guilty and men don’t. If you’re a senior woman, this is part of your internal narrative and affects how you feel about balancing your career with your family.  We get used to the idea of female guilt growing up.  As we enter the workforce, society, media and our peers reinforce it by telling us that we can’t […]

The gender pay gap row at the BBC is a serious reputational issue for DG Tony Hall. Can he convince stakeholders that the Corporation is serious about closing the gap?

After a challenging few months  I now dread waking up to news of disasters, but I am taking heart from seeing the active leadership of impressive women. I’ve written before about women leaders using their female skills to lead effectively  but there is still a big leadership gap. There’s a lot of research showing that […]

I have a confession.  Until about ten years ago, the word ‘networking’ filled me with dread. Not because I’m shy as anyone who knows me will tell you. Rather the idea of deliberately going to events to meet strangers to persuade them to spend money on your company’s services is  toe-curlingly dreadful to a British […]

Cressida Dick takes her place as the new Comissioner In the end, it wasn’t a sudden smash, more a gradual crumbling of the ceiling. The progress of women in top jobs has been steady but sure over the past couple of years. And so far in 2017 it feels like it’s reached new levels. Theresa […]

“These smug pilots have lost touch with regular passengers like us. Who thinks I should fly the plane?”  The New Yorker Am I the only person who is thoroughly depressed with their New Year social media feed? At every turn I am assaulted by hand-wringing posts and articles predicting the end of days .  But […]

For American readers – the term ‘Award Season’ summons images of movie stars doing the Oscar catwalk in the sunshine.  We do have a London version  – featuring celebrities freezing in flimsy dresses huddling under umbrellas bringing the traffic to a halt. But for us lesser mortals, award season means one thing.  As winter kicks […]

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